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  Pha Bong Hot Spring
Catagorize: Hot Spring
Contact: located about 10 kilometres from town on Highway No.108, Amphoe Mueang, Mae Hong Son Tel. -

Pha Bong Hot Spring is one of the most popular hot springs in Mae Hong Sorn, located at Baan Pha Bong, TambonPha Bong, AmphoeMueang, Mae Hong Sorn. It is situated around 10 kilometers off the heart of the city. Pha Bong Subdistrict Administrative Organization is responsible for this tourist spot. It possesses 4 rais and is a recreational park for the general public. The hot spring is a concrete pool with pavements and borders.

If you are dreaming about bathing in Onsen, this place is worth visiting in case you visit Mae Hong Sorn as the temperature is decent and the spring is in the beauty of impressive scenery and located not too far from the heart of the city. Bathing in warm natural water is proved beneficial in many ways; for example, this helps blood circulate well in the body, brightens complexion, kills body pain and treat illnesses associated with bones.

For tourists, the single room is at 50 baht per hour and common room (no more than 10 people) is at 400 baht per hour with bathing rooms. Moreover, traditional Thai massage is provided at 150 baht per hour and area for tents. A tent costs 50 baht/ day. Furthermore, tourists can enjoy good food in various restaurants.

From the heart of the city, you can use Highway Number 108, go on the route heading for AmphoeKhunYuab. Once arriving in the area of Baan Pha Bong, you have to turn right into the Old Route 108. You can see the hot spring is on your right or you can get on the mini bus (Mae Hong Sorn- Pha Bong- Pa Lan).




Website: http://www.dnp.go.th