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  Namtok La-ong Rung (Rainbow Waterfall)
Catagorize: Waterfalls
Contact: situated on Tambon Ban Rae the boundary between Amphoe Than To and Amphoe Betong, Yala Tel. -

La-OngRoong Waterfall is located in the Banglang National Park Security, which the border is next to TambolIyerweng, Betong, Yala. It is around 100 kilometers away from the Yala city, from the highway 410 at the 40 KM milestone.

Since the geography of Yala province is mostly alternating mountains with tropical rain forest, it is the origin of many rivers such as Pattanee River. The waterfall consists of valleys and basins. On the highest level, when the water reflects with the sunlight it sparkles and turns into a very beautiful scenery.

The waterfall here has a lot of water and high water mass. It flows from the height of 10 meters therefore when the water hits the rocks, steam occurs around the area. Moreover, when the steam reflects with the sunlight,  a rainbow occurs which is worth seeing, this is why it is named “La-OngRoong Waterfall” (Rainbow Steam Waterfall).

La-OngRoong waterfall was discovered in 1972 by Mr.PayomWongyaem then in 1976,Mr.Payom invited Mr. Direk Thuengfung, the sheriff of Tarn Toh district to discover this area. Both of them found that it is a beautiful waterfall and the environment around as well. Therefore, they develop this waterfall as a tourist location by gathering money to construct the road to this waterfall until it is accessible.

La-OngRoong Waterfall is the view point of the sea fog during October to March every year. It is known that this waterfall is located amidst the forest with 4 levels. On the first level, there is a way to walk along the waterfall for around 200 meters in order to get to the 4th level. The weather here is divided into 2 seasons which are rainy season and summer. The rainy season starts from June to December and summer starts from January to May. Therefore, the tourists should visit during October to March which is the period of the sea fog with nice weather. However, the tourists must be careful since every waterfall has mosses which makes the rockslippy and dangerous. Moreover, the water here is around 2-3 meters deep, the children should not play here alone without the parents watching.

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th