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  Sakai Village
Catagorize: Village, Community
Contact: at Mu 3, Tambon Ban Rae, Amphoe Than To, Yala Tel. -

Many people probably believe that the Sakai hasextinced. But, in fact, they still live in the South of Thailand in the provinces of Phatthalung and Yala. The latter province is where tourists can experience the lives of Sakai people. 

Sakai Village in YalaProvince is located at Moo 3, Ban Rae Sub-district, 80 kilometers away from town towards Betong District. On the right side of the route, there is an entrance to the Sakai Village where tribal people, commonly known as “Ngo Sakai”, live. 

The Sakai lives by hunting and gathering. Living close to the nature, they are experts in herbal plants who seek and sell herbs for living. They are also good at using darts and a unique weapon called “KrabongTood” for hunting and protection. 

 Their dwellings were originally made of bamboo, with thatch roof. But, recently, the Department of Social Work has developed the village by segregating the Sakai in one area and introduced rubber planting as their occupation. The Department also asked the Princess Mother for the naming of the group with the family name of “Si Than To”. Nowadays, the Sakai lives in both traditional and modern way of urban culture. Only a few of the Sakai left the village and some has moved to other areas.

Cultural tourism has been a very interesting trend of travelling. To experience the way of life of people from another culture is exciting for us to understand their lifestyle. Therefore, those who have a chance to visit Yala, don’t forget to include Sakai Village in your tour plan unless you want to miss the highlight of the province. 

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th