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  Yala Central Mosque
Catagorize: Mosque

Located on 835, Sirorot Rd., Sateng sub-district, AmphoeMueang district, Yala province, 2km far from Yala City Hall.

It is the main mosque of Yala province where local muslims come to perform religious activities. It is the pride of Yala people. Every Sunday morning, muslims from everywhere come here to learn the Qu’ran. The history of the mosque began in B.E. 2468 after Mr. UsmanDohe bought a piece of land in Sateng sub-district, AmphoeMueangYala and promised to grant the land to whoever built a mosque on his land. After he passed away, the mosque was built on his land and HadjiAbdulhamidAbdulsomad was the imam at that time. The mosque then was named “Raototulyannah”.

Later in B.E. 2499, the Thai Government gave a financial support to expand the capacity of the mosque up to 300 people and in B.E. 2522, Thai Government gave another financial support of 28,200,00THB to expand the area and build the actual mosque.

It is in western architectural style intertwined with the unique mosque frame. The front has about 30 wide steps leading to the upper terrace. The roof is square with a dome in the middle. Around the mosque, there are many items sold such as food, fruits, clothed, gems and oil which can cure the diseases.

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th