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  Ban Thung Nang Ok
Catagorize: Village, Community
Contact: Thung Nang Ok Sub-district, Muang district  Tel. -

Ban Thung Nang Ok in Thung Nang Ok Sub-district is 10 kilometers from the city center of Yasothon’s Mueang District. It is divided into 9 villages and the population is approximately five thousand. The area is a wide flat and even field. Ban Thung Nang Ok is well-known for weaving bamboo into household utensils and souvenirs. This place is suitable for cultural tourism. People in the community focuses on conducting their lives with the idea of economic self-sufficiency. Ban Thung Nang Ok’s definition of economic self-sufficiency is “to concentrate in improving life quality; to encourage tradition, culture, and local wisdom; and to strengthen the community.”

The fundamental occupation in Thung Nang Ok Sub-district is rice farming, which has been the main career since in the past. Weaving, which was formerly for household, is developed to be done in group for encouraging the community’s marketing. Later, jutes are supported to be cultivated on the public mound and in private farm for trading. After that, when the community’s public utilities are developed, it becomes flourishing. The villagers learn to use some chemicals for rice farming, causing the usage of chemicals for agriculture become popular among these people as it requires short time and can produce more crops.

Because the villagers did not know very well what they were doing, the usage of chemicals to increase the number of crops in rice farming was expanded throughout the sub-district. This caused such a great effect on the community’s environment: the soil was in worse condition and lost its richness. At that time, the community became aware of this problem and started to encourage and introduce the use of the organic fertilizer. The leaders in each community were instructed. The agency about Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) turned to support and educated the villagers about the organic rice farming. Besides, the Provincial Agricultural Extension Office began to introduce the new theory project of farmers, which the villagers would acquire the plant seedlings, as well as frogs and fish for breeding, to be raised in the prepared pond.

Moreover, thanks to the support from the government sectors, Thung Nang Ok Sub-district Administration Organization, and many more sectors, along with the collaboration among the villagers, Thung Nang Ok becomes a strong economically-self-sufficient sub-district. The villagers can apply the idea of economic self-sufficiency to develop the community, the occupation, and the sub-district’s natural resources, which results in their good quality of life. The villagers can live in harmony with nature and rely on it. Ban Thung Nang Ok can be regarded as an admirable economically-self-sufficient sub-district and a model for developing other communities in the future.


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