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  The old building of Ban Singha Tha
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Ban Khum Singha Tha is an old area appeared in the history of city foundation at present. There are still old buildings with exquisite shape and form, which are well-conserved and worth for cultural tourism.

Yasothon Province could be dated back to Dvaravati Period. It was recorded in the annals that Phrachao Ratcha Wongsa (Phra Wor), the former minister of Vientiane, Thao Na, Thao Kam Phong, Thao Thit Phrom, Thao Mum, together with their people, immigrated to stay with Chao Nakhon Champasak. When they arrived at Dong Phi Singh, they found that it was a suitable location for a new settlement. Therefore, they established the new city at Ban Singha Tha (Singha Tha city) and promoted it to Yasothon Province. In the reign of King Rama II, Yasothon Province was merged with the province in northeast Laos called Lao Gao, where Ubon Ratchathani was the principal city. After that, when there was an administration reformation in 1913, Yasothon became one of the districts in Ubon Ratchathani Province. Finally, in 1972, it was promoted to be the 71st province of Thailand.

“Ban Singha Tha” was a commercial community since ancient times and was developed when France had an influence on this region. At that time, wealthy people had a number of craftsmen from Vietnam construct their houses, resulting in the spectacular combination of Chinese and European style. At present, there are still traces of these houses along two sides of Sri Sunthon Road, Nakhon Thum Road, Uthai Ram Rit Road, and Wittayathamrong Road. Some of them are still in a perfect condition, portraying the sense of the past. At the same time, many houses are deserted with no one living. This makes Ban Singha Tha remain charming until these days.

City tour

According to the history of the city, there are still traces of prosper in Ban Singha Tha community at present. The villagers in the community mutually depend on each other and live plainly and peacefully. There are spectacular ancient buildings in Chino-Portuguese architectural style in the same period with those in Phuket. Roads around Singha Tha community are connected with one another among the community, markets, schools, and temples, which are the spiritual center of all Buddhists. There is also a city pillar shrine, built in the magnificent Chinese style. This area is the source of pickled fish and Lod Chong Yasothon (rice noodles with coconut cream), which are the famous products the tourist must try.


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