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  Chan Damri Beach
Catagorize: Beaches & Bay
It is located at the multipurpose harbour that is further away from the area ofRanong Municipality on the highway number 4004 (Ranong-Paknam) for about 9 kilometers. It is about 8 kilometers away from the Ceremony of Ranong's Governoron Ranong-Paknam Road, near Chan Som Beach Resort, Paknam sub-district, MeuangRanong district, Ranong 85000.

Characteristic: Chan Damri Beach is a sightseeing stop. Before arriving to Chan Damri Beach for about 200 meters, there is a high mountain hillsthat can see the scenery of Baan PaknamVillage; you can also see Song Island or Victoria Point of Myanmar, as well as other islands on the Andaman Sea in a wide bird eye view. The perspective can be seen as a paranoma, which is suitable for watching sunset and capturing the beautiful nature. This is also the location of multipurpose harbour; both fishing boatand tourist boats that travel in between islands and also the boat stop for crossing to Victoria Point in Myanmar. Therefore, other than visiting this location for its beauty, it can also be the boat stop for many other tourist attractions. Other than this, Chan Damri Beach is one of the most beautiful sunset attractions in Ranong. During November to December is the period of time where Mexican sunflowerbloom on the mountain hillarea. This gives the feeling like you are visiting the northern cities. Watching the sun set along with the Mexican sunfloweras a background is the magnificence scene that is like you’re in northern part, even though, you’re in the southern part. To whom that want to capture the sunset and Mexican sunflowerof the southern, Chan Damri Beach is another tourist attraction that should not be missed.