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Catagorize: Beaches & Bay, National Parks & Marine Reserves

Laem Son was officially announced as a National Park on August 19, 1983. It is perched across a gigantic area of approximately 315 squared kilometers. The area is stretched from the seaside location from the District of Ratchakrud to the southern Districts of Ka Per, Bang Hin, Naga, Suk Sam Raan in Ranong to the District os Kura and Kuraburi in Panga. Various islands in the Andaman sea such as Kang Kao island and Kum island are also part of the national park. The summer (May to August) is among the best time to visit the area.

The Park Comprises of Remarkable Attractions such as:

Bang Baen Beach is a long white sand beach with natural pine forest. From shore visitors are able to see islands and the beautiful scenery it offers. The Office of Laem Son National Park is located on this beach.

Lam Son beach is about 4 kilometers away from Bang Baen Beach. It features a fine white sand shoreline and is ideal for bird watching as it is habitat to various types of birds.

Pra Pat or aka HinToong Beach is located in Moo 2 in the District of KumPuanon Highway No. 4 (Ranong - Panga). It’s approximately 90 kilometers from Ranong city centre and 30 kilometers from the District of Kaper. In getting to Pra Pat Beach from the main road, take a right turn at kilometers 702 onto a local tarmac road for around 3 kilometers. Pra Pat Beach is rather large and is also one of the many shady beaches.

Kang Kao island offers visitors with fine sand that is soft to walk on. To the north, is HinNgarm Beach (Pretty Stone Beach) which has circular pebbles and stones as a distinctive charm.From Bang Baen beach to Kang Kao island takes around 40 minutes to travel by boat.

KamTokisland aka Aw KhaoKwai is has a nearly perfect semi circle cove which is where the National Park’s maintenance office is located. Other than keeping an eye on the island, officers here are also at hand to assist visitors. From Kang Kao island to KamTokisland is only 20 minutes by boat.

KamYaiisland is a beautiful island with fine white sand surrounding the beach. It is one and a half hrs away from Bang Baen Beach.

Kam Nui island is closely located to KamYai island. It only has one beach but comprises of many smaller islands.

Laem Son National Park offers visitors with accommodation and delectable eateries. For more information, please contact the Department of Wildlife and Plants of the National Park at Tel: 0 2561 4292-3 Ext. 724, 725 or the Manager of Laem Son National Park at Bang Baen Beach in the Sub-District of MuangKlang, Ka Per in Ranong.

Website: http://www.kohchang-ranong.com