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  Punyaban Waterfall
Catagorize: Waterfalls
Poon Ya Baan Waterfall is located in the District of Bang Non, within the Kraburi National Park. The Kraburi National Park is on the same side as the Andaman Sea. The National Park resides, merely, 15 kilometers away from Ranong city centre, on kilometer 598 on the Kraburi-Ranong Highway. Poon Ya Baan Waterfall could be seen from areas with a 2-kilometer radius from the park.

Originally, the fall was called Sed Ta Kuad. Although it is not considered as one of the larger waterfalls, but its beauty goes beyond its size. Poon Ya Baan Waterfall comprises of 3 levels altogether. The first level is called Poon YaBaan; it is to be the most beautiful among the three. At this level, water flows down a steep cliff, which is around 20 meters high. The area surrounding is sheltered by lush green trees and beautiful bushes. The second level is called the Ton Mai Phai and the third level is called the Ton Thon Fern. From the first to third level, there is natural path, which sums up to approximately 300 meters in length. Visitors could easily take walks through this path and take in the beautiful scenery. The origins of the water are from the La Oon and Ratchagrudarea, which is surrounded by shoulder length trees. For visitors who are interested in visiting the area, the rainforest management unit provides a speaker as well as a guide; giving talks on geographical aspects of the area, botanical knowledge, the ecosystem and the origin of the water.

Poon Ya Baan Waterfall is a well-organized tourist attraction. It provides visitors with a spatials parking lot, delectable restaurant and clean bathrooms. Every year large numbers of tourists visit the fall. Heading north towards the District of Kraburi is Kao Faa She viewpoint. The lookout offers a mesmerizing view of the bay of the rainforest and the Victorian Point in Myanmar.