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  Rainforest of Ngao Research Centre
Catagorize: Educational gardens
Contact: - Tel. +66 7784 8392

Rainforest of Ngao Research Centre or officially known as “Rainforest Research Centre of Ranong” is located in Moo 4 in the Sib-District of Baan Lang in the District of Muang in Ranong. It is merely 19 kilometers south along the Petchkasem Rd. from Ranong city centre. From kilometers 626-627 on the highway is a right turn into Ngao’s District Office.

Rainforest of Ngao is perched across 189,431 Rai (1 Rai = 1600 Sqm.) comprising of over 20 types of unique plant species that are 200 years old. There is the tapoondum yuck tree which is over 300 years old and is the only one in Thailand that has been existed for so long.The rainforest is home to a spectacular group of marine life including the fiddler crab, otters and macaques. It is a prime location for bird watching as it has many kinds of locally found birds like the coromanda and the pitta. As it is one of the most untouched and well-reserved rainforest in Thailand, UNESCO has granted the Rainforest of Ngao to be a Biosphere Reserve odRanong in 1997.

Besides, Rainforest of Ngao also has an educational path which offers remarkable animal species and mangrove plants. Excersions and visits to the centre will have to be permitted by Manager of the Rainforest of Ngao Research Centre. Kindly write to 185 Moo 4 Baan Lang in the District of Muang in Ranong 85000 or call 0 7784 8392.

Insiders Tip:

It is advisable to carry a small stick as monkeys can get aggressive. But this is a very rare incident. Please do not carry food or drink and do not litter!

Website: http://www.kohchang-ranong.com