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  Victoria Point or Ko Song
Catagorize: Islands

Koh Song is an attraction located to the South of Myanmar, adjacent to Thailand. Visitors can experience and enjoy an exquisite range of souvenirs including gem stones, rattan products, Burmese Silver accessories along with ornaments created from beautiful seashells and elephant tusks. Victoria Point is separated from Thailand with the running through of Kraburi River. Visitors will have to arrange for a pass prior to the trip and can also hire a boat for crossing. The visits are only permitted to Thai citizens.

In fact, Koh Song isn’t an island as it is referred to as (Koh means island) but it is a delta starched into sea at the mouth of Kraburi River. During Britain’s colonization period, Victoria Pont or known as Bayingtanaung Point today is home to a multi-cultural group of people including the Burmese, Muslim, Mon and Chinese. Highlights of the village are the architectural style where shop houses are built on stilts and the people, both males and females; cover their faces with Tanaka powder.

Main Attraction Sites:

Bayingtanaung Monument built by the Burmese in remembrance of his excellence in building the city.

Ka Bah EaChedi is another popular site among tourists. The name connotes peaful and serenity of the area. It was built in 1948 as an imitation of the original which is located in the capital, Rangoon. Within the Chedi, there is sacred relics and Buddha Images adorning all of the sides.

Rang Suwanee Market is a highlight for shoppers. Here, people sell souvenirs, sarongs and Tanaka powder along with rattan products, wood carvings and scented perfumes. The market is open daily from 07:00 to 16:00.

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