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  Bo Khlueng Hot Stream
Catagorize: Hot Spring

Bo Klueng Hot spring is a private natural hot spring located in the land of Ratchaburi Mining and Agriculture Company 74 km away from the town in Baan Huai Pak, Moo 7 Tambon Suan Phueng, Suan Pueng District, Ratchaburi Province. Prayul Monayakul found this hotspring in 1925. This hot water is approximately 50-57 °C or 120-136 °F from the Earth's crust passing through small holes between rocks in the area of Ta Nao Sri mountain's foothills. The water has no smell or irritating minerals and is clear. It is consisted of carbon, salt and other minerals under 1 gram/litre. The hot spring has water flowing all year long even in the dry season. Even with less water, it is not drained. There are various rocks along the watercourse for about 300 metres.

Currently, the area has been renovated with facilities for tourism. Water pipes are installed to bring hot water to a pool below. There are three types of hot water pools for services:

1. Earthen pool is where hot stream flows down to the pool alike the natural one. It is an open space, which might not be so private, with shades and the water is so clear like sea water at waist depth. The temperature is about 40-50 °C.

Fee for Thais: Adults 30 Baht, Children 10 Baht

Fee for foreigners: Adults 50 Baht, Children 30 Baht

2. Tiled pool is the pool on the opposite side in a garden. It is private but smaller than the earthen pool. It is round like that for children and has seats on the edge. The water is about 60 cm high at 56°C. It is possible to wear shorts and t-shirts into the pool.

Fee for Thais: Adults 50 Baht, Children 30 Baht

Fee for foreigners: Adults 80 Baht, Children 50 Baht

3. Foot Baths (free of charge) are available at 2 stations: a small rectangular and concrete pool and an area of the water intake releasing the water from the earthen pool to a big concrete pool built for foot bath.

If you do not wish to use shared pools, there is a room you can take a bath 50 metres away. You can pay at the entrance. When you reach the T-junction, the righthand side is a canteen where tickets to the hot spring are sold. On the left is the way to the origin of the hot steam which is 150 metres away from the two pools. It is possible to explore the area water seeps from sand. The water source here has the highest temperature which is why it is not allowed for a foot bath and villagers also use water from here.


How to get here

Bo Klueng Hot spring is approximately 174 kilometres from Bangkok. Use Petchkasen Road (Royal Hgihway 4) or Pinklao- Nakornchaisri Road (highway 338) towards Nakornprathom. Drive to Ratchaburi Province (estimated distance from Ratchaburi- Suan Pueng is 100 km). Use the same  road to highway 3087 passing through Suan Pueng District (53 km from Ratchaburi- Suan Pueng) and Suan Pueng District Office before passing a junction to Pong Yoob. Cross the bridge over Prachi River. From the town to Khao Jone Waterfall is about 5 km then you will see a junction to the left next to the street to Phu Pha Pueng. Drive for 10 km more before turning left at a police booth's junction and passing Huai Phak Health Station. You will see Bo Klueng hot stream on the left. Drive for 30 metres to pay the fees and walk for 200 metres to the mineral water foot bath. From the town of Suan Phueng to the hot springs site of Bo Khlueng is a distance of roughly 15 km.




Website: http://www.hospital.moph.go.th/ranong