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Chae Son National Park

Chae Son National Park is a very popular tourist attraction of Lampang Province. It covers the area of 480,000 Rai and 786 square meters of 4 districts of Lampang; Muang Pan, Muang, Chae Hom and Wang Nuea. The park is a host to hot springs, Chae Son waterfall and the festival of blooming “Dok Siew” (white Chongko flowers) that blooms during winter. It also provides nature trails, viewpoints, mineral baths and accommodations for tourists. 

Chae Son National Park was awarded “The Best National Park of 2000” from the awarding ceremony organized on the Royal Forest Department’s 104th anniversary on September 18, 2000. Chae Son National Park was declared the 58th national park of Thailand on July 28, 1988.

Interesting Sights at Chae Son National Park

1.Chae Son Hot Spring is an area of nine boreholes emitting hot water with sulfurous fumes from deep earth.

2.Chae Son Waterfall originates from Mae Mon creek. It is full of water all year round. Water from the fall flows over many basins that are situated along the stream. 

3.Mae Mon Waterfall is a waterfall with strong current, streaming down from a high cliff to a valley below. This beautiful cascading waterfall is not the best for swimming.

4.Mae Khun Waterfall is located near the Mae Mon Waterfall. The water falls over 100 meters and flows into the same river as Mae Mon.

5.Pha Ngam Cave consists of many caves such as Fah Ngam Cave, Nam Cave and Moh Cave. The cave is accessible for visitors. 

6.Dok Siew flowers in full bloom during January – Febuary of every year. 

7.Warm Spring is a pool originated from the hot spring meeting with the cold water of Chae Son waterfall, creating pleasant warm water for a bath.

8.Hot Spring Rooms for mineral bathing comprise of large rooms for a group of 3-4 people, rooms for taking a Thai style bath and large outdoor pools of spring water. The rooms are all linked by pipes to the hot spring. The temperature of the water is around 39-42 °C which is perfect for bathing. The benefits of mineral bathing include soothing the tiredness, bettering the blood flow, curing some skin diseases such as ringworm, chloasma and rashes, and relieving the pain from bone diseases.  Mineral water here cannot be drunk because it contains high level of certain minerals. Fees are 50 baht/person for private room, 20 baht/person for group pool and 10 baht/person for outdoor pool.


Two nature trails organized by the national park are;

1.The Chae Son Waterfall nature trail for 3 kilometers

2.The Mae Piak Waterfall nature trail for 3.7 kilometers 

Landscape at Chae Son National Park is beautifully decorated to blend in with the nature. It is perfect for family vacation and can be visited all year round. The most visited season is winter. 

Contact: Chae Son National Park

Chae Son Sub-distrcit, Muang Pan District, Lampang Province 52240

Tel. 0-5438-0000, 089-851-3355 Fax 0-5438-0457

Email: chaeson2007@hotmail.com



Website: http:// www.dnp.go.th