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  Kiu Lom Dam
Catagorize: Dam,Reservoir, Lake

Kiu Lom Dam is a large gravity dam fabricated from concrete and metal. The dam is 26.50 meters tall, 5,035 meters long, and 135 meters wide. It can collect up to 112 million cubic meters. The average amount of water flowing to the dam is 578 million cubic meters. In 1968, Royal Irrigation Department developed Nan Waterway by building Kiu Lom Water Irrigation Project, the dam, water system, and buildings. The project was completed in 1968. It is a gravity dam made from concrete and metal. The dam is 26.5 meters taller than the river, 5,035 meters wide, and 135 meters tall. The maximum water collection rate is 112 million cubic meters and the minimum rate is 6 million cubic meters. It can distribute water to help agricultural area in Muang District and some parts of Koh Kha, Mae Tha, and Hang Chat Districts which are about 240,000 rais. The dam also distributes water for water supply production in Lam Pang Municipality.

Kiu Lom Dam is located in Baan Laeng Sub-District, 38 kilometers from the city. It is on Lam Pang –Ngaw Route. Turn left at km. 623 – 634 and go straight for 14 kilometers. It is in the area of Tham Pha Thai National Park under Royal Irrigation Department. A reservoir is situated before the dam and is suitable for rafting due to its beautiful scenery. Rafting takes about half a day. The interesting points are such as Chao Kuen Cape, Kiang Cliff, Ngam Cliff, Sop Phu Lake, Baan Sa Fisherman’s Village, etc. Rafting service is available at the dam.

During the construction, Kiu Lom Dam is a setting of a short novel series name “Chao Kuen” by Mananya. The story is about the life of a Royal Irrigation Department construction officer and labors. Her inspiration came from when she follow her husband who was one of the construction officers. The short novel is published in chapters in Satree Sarn Magazine. Later, they were gathered into 3 books named “Chao Kuen A Man Called Peng La Korn kiu Lom”.

For visitors who would like to stay overnight here can choose one from 2 options:

1.Rafting to stay overnight at Pae Chao Kuen - Kiu Lom Resort that provides bungalows on the island in the lake. Call 5422 3772, 0 5433 4393 (after 6 p.m.)

2.Rafting and stay overnight on Pae Wang Kaew , a raft with motor, or at Wang Kaew Resort. Call 0 5422 3733, 0 5432 5645, 08 9854 1293

Travelling Kiu Lom Dam is 35 kilometers from the city on Lam Pang – Ngaw Route. Turn left at km. 623 – 634 and go straight for 14 kilometers. By public bus, the bus terminal is at Pratuchai. The bus will go to the dam. Car renting is available in Lam Pang City at 300 – 400 baht. The dam is opened form 6 a.m. – 6 p.m. Government units can send a send a letter for accommodation allowance at Royal Irrigation Department at least 15 days  before arrival. Please contact 0 5422 3772. There is a 18-hole golf course near the clubhouse for visitors. Please contact 0 5425 5195 www.rid.go.th.

The resort in the reservoir: Kiu Lom Resort call (054) 334-393, 223772 and Pae Wang Kaew call (054) 319-040, 223-733.


Website: http:// www.dnp.go.th