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Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves
Contact: Amphoe Li, Lamphun

Mae Ping national park

Mae Ping national park spans across Amphoe Doi Tao, Chiangmai province, Amphoe Lee, Lam Poom province, and Amphoe Sam ngao, Taag province. It is one of the famous tourist hotspots in Lam Poon province credited for its natural atmosphere and beautiful scenery. The entire area includes different attractions such as mountains, waterfalls and grass plains, suitable for travelers who love tranquil and wants to admire the nature.  

Example attractions visitors may be interested in.

1. Gang Gorr lake.

Spend the night in a float house, swim, and enjoy the view at Gang Gorr lake.

Gang Gorr lake has a pleasing scenery that is popular among tourists. The lake is also the middle point between Bhumibol dam, Taag province and Doi Tao reservoir, Chiangmai province. Nowadays,Gang Gorr lake is the central hub of water tourism in Mae Ping national park and supports water tourism’s activities.

2. Doi Kratueg scenic point

Relish the scenery of Mae Ping and sun set at Doi Kratueg scenic point.

From Doi Kratueg scenic point, the visitors can see Mae Ping River flowing from the north and a vista of lakes, mountains and Dry Dipterocarp Forests. The scenic point is also a place to view the sun set in the evening.

3.Gorr Luang waterfall

It is a natural limestone waterfall originated from Mar Gorr steam which cascades down through 7 different-height storeys cliff of white and grey shale and sandstone.

4.Taad Sator waterfall 

Located in the same tourist route of Gorr Luang waterfall, Taad Sa Torr waterfall flows along the walkway then pour from about 15 meters stone cliff down to an emerald-colored basin. The cliff is composed of soft, brown limestone. The water erodes the stone and the stone carried by water accumulates and form a field of exotic stalagmites. Visitors can only sightsee in the area as the condition makes it unsuitable for swimming.

5. Gig field

In dry season, various wild flowers in Gig field will all bloom glamorously. The field suits those who love nature and bird watching. Visitors will also find beautiful wild vine formations along the way.

6. Gorr Noi waterfall 

The water of this fall also originates from Mae Gorr Noi steam which flows through Phra Bat Yang Wee pine forest and unto a high valley, forming a large cascading waterfall. In addition, the waterfall has a space for sightseeing the scenery below. This includes villages in Gorr subdistrict and the farther reservoir of Bhumibol dam. In cold season, travelers can view the sea of fog from this spot.

7.Yang Wee cave

Yang Wee cave is a large limestone cave that is largely undisturbed by humans. It has many beautiful stalactites and stalagmites inside and is a resident of about a million bats.

Visiting Mae Ping national park.

Most people like to travel along convenient roads that are reachable by cars and not much far. After entering the national park, visitors will reach Gig filed first, then Gorr Luang waterfall, Taad Sator waterfall and lastly Gang Gorr lake. Travelers often relax here on the dam and admire the scenery and the sunset in the evening and the sunrise in the morning.


Traveling to Mae Ping national park.

-From Bangkok, travel through the highway A1 (Phaholyothin) to the north until you reach Amphoe Tehng, Lampang province. Then, turn left to the road 106 that is connected to Lampoom province. Drive along and turn left at the milestone 47 to the highway 1087. Mae Ping national park’s office is located between the milestone 20 and 21. The total distance from Bangkok is 587 kilometers.

-From Chiangmai drive along the highway 106 past Amphoe Sarapee, Chiangmai province into Amphoe Mueang, Lampoon province. Continue through Amphoe Pasaang, Amphoe Banhong and Amphoe Muean Lee. Once you travel about 3 kilometer into Amphoe Muean Lee, there will be an intersection. Turn left to the highway 1087 and drive along until you reach the national park. The total distance is 155 kilometers.

-From Lampang province, use the highway A1 (Phaholyothin). Travel south and turn right to Amphoe Kor Ca. Drive along the highway 1274 past Amphoe Surmngam and Amphoe Lee then turn left to the highway 106.Continue about 3 kilometer and turn right to the highway 1087.Drive along until you reach the national park. The total distance is 123 kilometers.






Website: http://www.dnp.go.th