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  Kaeng Khut Khu
Catagorize: River, Canal
Contact: Amphoe Chiang Khan, Loei

Located three kilometres from Chiang Khan Town, Kaeng Kut Khu is one of Chiang Khan’s must-visit and beautiful natural attractions. It is a bend of the Mekong where a set of islets is located. These islets are massive colourful rocks which used to be underwater for a long period of time. As they obstruct the flow of the river and most of them are situated near the Laotian side of the river, the current on the Thai side is very fast. 

The best time to visit the site is from February to May. During this time, the water is so low that the islets can be seen clearly. Also, there will be a large beach along with hundreds of shining round rocks, to which you can walk down to explore the Mekong closely. Moreover, located nearby is a pavilion where you can put your feet up and see a rock that resembles a small dam, obstructing the flow of the river. This rock is the origin of the place’s name, Kaeng Kut Khu. 

Furthermore, there are restaurants situated nearby and a tourist boat service which will take you to discover the natural beauty of the Mekong.

To get here, you can use public transport from Chiang Khan Town.    

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th