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Contact: - Tel. 0 4283 5223-8 ??????? 1132

Loei Cultural Center came from Admiration Unit of Cultural Department, Ministry of Education, the government sector that take responsibility of this. Loei Rajabhat University was selected to be the location of Loei Cultural Center. It was officially opened on 22 December 1987. Later, Tourism Authority of Thailand gave the budget for museum construction which was completed in 1992. Bureau of Art and Culture, Loei Rajabhat University takes responsibility of the exhibition about Loei Province. The University officially opened the museum since 1998 until now. The logo of the museum used Tham Poo color painting and Phra That Sri Song Rak to create a picture of a human or a warrior, meaning human creates culture. Ass. Prof. Danuphol Chaisin and Ass. Prof. Munee Phanthawee are the creators of the picture and the concept. Prof. Phongstorn Pinijwat is the picture designer.

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th