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Catagorize: Beaches & Bay

Samila Beach is among one of the most well known beaches in Songkhla. The beach comprises of various sizes of stone stretched out into the ocean. Samila Beach has fine white sand, where one of the most famous beaches is called SaiKaew (Crystal Sand). From its shores, visitors can get a panoramic view of KohNhu and KohMaew. Samila Beach is a signature attraction to Songkhla, it is said that coming to Songkhla without visiting Samila is as if you haven’t arrived at the province yet.

Samila Beach has a mermaid sculpture as its logo and the area surrounding is made into a park with lush green gardens. Visitors are welcome to spend leisure time there! As of KohNhu and KohMaew, they are also a signature to the locale. They offer visitors with peaceful beaches and mesmerizing views.

Samilar Beach has convenient traveling routes for both private and public transportation. It is merely 30 kilometers away from Hat Yai. In terms of a tourist attraction, Samila is one of the vibrant ones as there is wide selection of accommodations ranging from small cozy guesthouses to large hotels, delightful restaurants and eateries as well as souvenir outlets. Visitors can enjoy a selection of water sports including the famous banana boat, challenging windsurf and ever popular jet ski. The city hall provides lifeguards in the area, keeping an eye out for people in the area. 

Legend of the Golden Mermaid

The Golden Mermaid is a folktale told through generations in Thai society, especially among residents of Songkhla. The story was told by Khun VichitMatra (SangaKanchanapak). A mermaid used to come and sit on the shore of Samila Beach combing her hair with a golden comb. One day, as she was combing her hair a fisherman walked by and that scared her away. Upon rushing away back to sea, she left behind her golden comb. The fisherman kept it and went to the same spot everyday to wait for the mermaid’s return. But, sadly she never came back. In remembrance of the mermaid, a sculpture was built out of brass by Master JitrBua-boot. The Songkhla District Office funded the project, whichcosted 60,000 Baht.

The story of KohNhuKohMaew


There was a merchant who frequently traveled between China and Songkhla to do trading. One day he bought a dog and a cat to take back to China. During the long journey, the cat and dog got bored and wanted to go home. They then discussed among each other trying to find a way to return home. The cat and dog learnt that the merchant had a magical glass globe, whichhas power to make thing float on water. The cat then suggested the rat to steal the merchant magical glass globe as the rat asked to join them on the escape. The 3 animals found their way out of the boat, having the rat keeping the magical globe in its mouth. On their way the 3 animals didn’t have trust for each other, the rat thought that when arriving on land the cat would kill it in order to steal the magical globe. Panicking, the rat opened its mouth and the magical globe dropped out into the deep sea. The 3 animals had to use all their energy to swim in the wide ocean, but they all failed and died in the end. The magical glass globe dropped to the ocean bed and broke, causing millions of pieces of shinny little particles to spread across the land. This tale is the origin of SaiKaew Beach.