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Contact: Amphoe Mueang, Songkhla 90100 Tel. 0 7423 1055, 0 7423 8518, 0 7424 3747

The Lake of Songkla or The Lake of Phattalung (which is the name called in the area of Phattalung Province)  is the only lake in Thailand which is covered the area of three provinces accounting for aroud 1,000 square kilometers including Phattalung Province in the area of Mueang Phattalung District, Pak Payoon District, Bang Kaew District, Kao Chaison District and Kuan Kanoon District, in Songkla Province in Ra Nod District, Sa Ting Phra District, Kra Sae Sint District, Singhanakorn District, Kuan Nieng District, Had Yai District and Cha Auad District of Nakorn Si Thammarat.

The Lake of Songkla is full of many islands. The important island including Four Island, Five Island, Mark Island (Mark Island Subdistrict), Nang Kam Island (Nang Kam Island Subdistrict) and Yo Island (Yo Island Subdistrict). It has various environment since it is where water from a lot of cannels flow into here and it also has the exit to the gulf of Thailand. The amount of water and the water condition in the lake depend on fresh water and the sea water flowing into the lake. In the water season  during November to December, fresh water would massively flow into the lake pushing the sea water to the gulf of Thailand. In this period, water in the lake would not clear and filled with fresh water. When the dry season comes, the volume of fresh water would flow into the lake lesser and the sea water would flows into the lake instead. Water in the lake would be mixed with sea water and fresh water. Consequently, water in the lake consists of three kinds of water; that is, fresh water, fresh and sea water, and sea water.

The Lake gains water from the mountain of Bantad and the mountain of Sankalakiri from Sa Dao District. All of water flow into the lake. The river is called “the river of the lake of Songkla” divided into 4 types; that is,

1.Noit Sea

It is on the uppermost of the lake covering the area of 28 square kilometers with average 1.5 meters deep. It is the fresh water Lake which is separated from the Lake by Nang Riem canal connected between the Noi Sea and Luang Sea to be the fresh water with various kinds of plants growing surrounded. There is the swamp forestfilled with water hyacinth, Kokchood, and also the source of various kinds of birds which are both the local birds and those migrating from other sources.

2.Luang Sea (the upper of the Lake of Songkla )

It is a part of the Lake of Songkla next to the Noi Sea to Yai Island, Krasaesint District. It is the broad water pool which is the biggest one covered the area of 458.80 square kilometers and 2 meters deep. In the old days, it was the huge fresj water; however, some years there is a huge volume of sea water.

3.The Lake (the middle of the Lake of Songkla)

It is next to Luang Sea and part of the Lake are a number of islands such as the four, five, Mark and Nang Islands. These areas are the places where sea water and fresh water mix together. There are fresh and sea water and fresh water when a lot of plants growing over the water.

4.The Lake of Songkla (The lower of the Lake of Songkla)

It is a part of the most exterior of the lake connected to the gulf of Thailand. This part of the lake is filled with sea water; however, some parts of the lake, in the rainy season, are filled with fresh and sea water that is influenced by tidal water. The tidal water in the southern part is covered with mangrove forest. Nowadays, it is changed as the accommodation and the place for raising shrimp. The tourists can travel to the lake. At the back of the post office or the market would be boat provided all days


The lake of Songkla is the only lake in Thailand that has big Lagoon system which is the basin reserving fresh water (rain water, fresh water from canal and water flowing from lands) mixing with sea water so that the lake is good for travelling and seeing local lifestyle living and fishing in the lake.

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