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Contact: Amphoe Mueang, Songkhla 90100 Tel. +66 7423 1055, +66 7423 8518, +66 7424 3747

Tinsulanonda Bridge is Thailand’s longest concrete bridge. It is situated in Songkhla District and Singhanakorn District. It connects 2 sides of KohYor, between Baan Nam Krajai in MuangSongkhla District and Baan Khaokiaw in Singhanakorn District. The length of the first part of the bridge is 940 meters and the second part of the bridge is 1,700 meters. The total length is 2,640 meters. It was built when General PremTinsulanonda was the Prime Minister of Thailand.

The purpose of this bridge is to support car transportation since the vehicle raft service is not enough for the amount of the cars that have been dramatically increasing and the vehicle raft service takes too much time. The construction was also due to the traffic jam in Songkhla City. Therefore, in 1981, the government launched the policy to develop Songkhla Province and Hat Yai District to be the main road. Department of Highway is the owner of the project and a Taiwanese company proceeded the construction. The bridge was opened on 9 December 1984.


Tinsulanonda Bridge is a part of the Public Highway No. 4146 which connects to the Public Highway No. 4083 (Ranoad – KhaoDaeng) and the Public Highway No. 407 (Songkhla – Hat Yai). Local people called this bridge “Pa Prem Bridge”, “Tin Bridge”, or “Prem Bridge”. It is one of famous tourist attractions of the province.

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