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Catagorize: Beaches & Bay Islands
KohLipe is 2km. south from KohAdangRawee. Lipe is a word which means “flat and smooth like a paper” in the language of UrakLawoi people, the Aboriginal Malay people who reside on the island and earn a living by fishing.

Around the island are the unspoiled coral reef and the beautiful bay with white sandy beaches. The most beautiful beach on the island is AoPatthaya Bay. Resorts and accommodations are available throughout the island. Chao Lay Boat Floating Festival falls during the middle of the sixth and eleventh lunar months yearly. It is held at night with the purpose to drive away evil and bring good luck. KohLipe and other islands nearby are so beautiful that they are called “the Maldives of Thailand”.

The beach of KohLipe can be divided into three beaches. Each one is connected to one another and can be reached by walk.

1.HadPatthaya Beach – Situated on the south of KohLipe. It is the most crowded and lively beach since it is the center of pier. Therefore, it is called “Patthaya II”. It is a half-moon curved beach with fine white sand like coffee mate beach at Patthaya. In addition, it also has the most beautiful sunset viewpoint in Satun province. Next to the beach are resorts and bungalows on the hill where you can see the charming scenery below. So, these resorts and bungalows are popular among the tourists. Groceries, restaurants, long-tailed boats and diving equipment for rent are available.

2.Had Chao Lay Beach – Situated on the east of the front side of KohLipe. Hat Chao Lay is a long beach fringed with coconut trees along the beach. Here you can see the sunrise in the morning and KohAdang can also be seen from here. On the beach, there are fisherman village and accommodations, but not as many as HadPatthaya beach. The most beautiful sunrise viewpoint is here. This beach is private, tranquil, unspoiled and fringed with the shadow of pine trees. You can walk to the back of the island where fisherman village and coconut tree garden are situated. This way also leads to HadPatthaya.

3.AoPramong Bay – Few resorts available, but very quiet.

4.HadCarma – On the north facing KohAdang.

Activities on KohLipe
1.Coral Diving – You can dive in any area of the island, but be careful of the sharp coral and sea urchin when diving in the shallow area.
2.See the fisherman’s way of life (UrakLawoi people)

Getting to the nearby islands.
Hire a boat to dive and visit other nearby islands such as KohChabang, KohHinNgam and have a lunch on the beautiful beach of Koh Long Koi. You can visit all islands in 1-day trip.
A charter boat costs 1,200-1,800THB for 8-9 persons per each trip.
For boat reservation, please contact your resort.