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  Don Hoy Lhod
Catagorize: Beaches & Bay
Don Hoy Lhod is a well-known attraction of the province Samutsakorn. It is a delta located at river Mae Nam Mae Klong; formed as a result of soil and sand residue combined together; as the locals call it, Din Khi Ped [Duck droppings soil]. Don Hoy Lhod is approximately 3 kilometers in width, 5 kilometers in length and stretches out as far as 8 kilometers into the sea; taking up the area of 3 sub-districts including Bang Cha Kreng, Laem Yhai and Bang Kaew. The main district of Samutsakorn, Um-per Muang, is originally formed after sediments from the river delta and sediments from the sea gradually building up in layers through years, finally creating a rather special type of delta to be found in Thailand. A vast variety of sea shells inhabited the area especially Hoy Lhod [Razor Shell], which later was adopted into the name of the district. The catching of Hoy Lhod is normally performed in low tide using thin bamboo sticks, as thin as a joss tick, dipped in calcium carbonate. The liquid would then be poured into the shells’ hole, and immediately these shells would appear to the surface. It is advised that calcium carbonate solution should be gently and cautiously used, for it may kill all Hoy Lhod on the delta. The period between March to May would be prime time for a trip to Don Hoy Lhod for the ocean tide would be lower than any other season, meaning that you will have access to a clear view of these razor shells. Visitors could conveniently rent a boat from Sala Ar-pagorn close to Krom Luang Chumpon’s Shrine. Boat trips are fairly cheap, costing 10 Baht per person or just 60 Baht for renting an entire one. By joining one of these boat trips, visitors would get a closer view of the locals catching Hoy Lhod and can also enjoy eating and shopping for dried seafood from stalls on the side walk.

Don Hoy Lhod is ranked as Thailands’ 1099th wetlands on the 5th of July 2001. Bangkok and Don Hoy Lhod only takes an hour for a car journey, using the Rama 2 road then keep an eye for a road sign on the right hand side just 3 kilometers after the city interjection, drive on for 5 more kilometers. There are plenty of parking lots. For more information please contact 034-723749 or 034-723736.