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  Phanthainorasingh Learning Park
Catagorize: Educational gardens
Contact: Phanthainorasingh school, Khok Kham subdistrict, Muang district, Samut Sakorn province Tel. +668 1555 1653(???????????????????????????????????), +668 9491 6011 (????????????????????????), +668 1443 6425 (??????????

        Phanthainorasingh Learning Park is located at Phanthainorasingh school, Khok Kham subdistrict, Muang district, Samut Sakorn province. It was built in order to be the learning center of Samut Sakorn’s local wisdom, art and culture, lifestyle and natural resources. The building is located in the area of 7 rais or 11,200 square meters. 

Inside the learning park are the museum, which exhibits the local history and the settle down of Samut Sakorn, the geological feature, the local wisdom, the norm and tradition, the story of important people of the province, rare animal bones such as porpoise skeleton and the natural heritage of the mangrove forest. Outside the building is the route used for studying the mangrove forest nature. 

       The route is like an outdoor classroom. Knowledge about the mangrove forest, animal and other living things, such as mangrove trees, Samae trees, fiddler crabs, mudskippers, angle’s wings and blood cockles, is provided. Apart from these, there is the skeleton of Bluda whale species platform exhibited. 

       The whale habituated in the gulf of Thailand. The whale skeleton was found in Mr. Prasit Jaroenchon’s shrimp pond around Moo 8, Tombon Khok Kham, 2 kilometers from the seaside. This discovery is an evidence to prove that their area was once a deep sea. Therefore, the park asked for the permission to keep the skeleton at the building.  The learning park does not provide only the knowledge but also a growing mangrove forest activity to conserve the natural resources and plunge the bamboo sticks down at the coastline to decelerate the wave and provide time to the land to form. 

For those who are interested to visit the learning park, you are welcomed to visit the place every day including on national holidays from 08.00 – 18.00 hours. However, if you are visiting as a group, please make a reservation at least one week in advance. For more information, please contact Ajarn Prasarn tel. 08-1555-1953 or Khun Narin tel 08-9491-6011.


Website: http://www.phanthai.ac.th