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  Prasat Sadok Kok Thom
Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments
Contact: located at Ban Nong Samet, Khok Sung Sub-district. Tel. 1672

Prasat Sadok Kok Thom is a big and important ancient remain of Sra Kaew. It counts as the biggest ancient remains of East Thailand. It is situated at Baan Nhong Samed, Koak Soong Sub-District. It has been presumed that the castle was built in the late 857 with the aim of using it as a place to shelter the holy statue and to be a place for doing religious activities. In Hindi language, Sadok Kok Thom means the city with full of papyrus in the big pond. Presently, we all can still spot some of the papyrus in the middle of the pond which is actually not much far from the castle.

Prasat Sadok Kok Thom consists of three castle buildings which they all are facing the east. There are ponds enclosed all these castles with 2 layers of glass walls enclosed once again. The outer layer was made of laterite, while, the inside layer was made of sandstone. The main castle structures were made of sandstone with the left of ancient arches only on the east and west side. There are two small castles which were made of sandstone lie in front of the middle castle which is the main castle of this place. There is a square shaped pond on the east of the castle with the road that connects you from the castle to the pond.

The discovery of two stone inscriptions with the Khmer character on them can reveal when the castle was built ,  the aim of building it as well as the year of renovation which is in 1052 and it was made by Phra Chao Authaitittayavoraman II. The kind of Khmer kingdom at that time was the one who preserve and protect religious together with the main president of the religious, Brahman. The stone inscription was fully inscribed with the history of Brahman and the holy god. Nowadays, these two stone inscriptions are kept very well at the National Library, Department of Fine Arts.

The castles were built by sandstone and laterite same as the pattern of Khmer Arts during Buddhist Era 15-16. The castles are enclosed by the glass wall with the length of 127 meters. The main entrance which is actually an arch on the east was made of sandstone. After you stepped in, you will meet with the pond in a U-shaped which is 20 meters wide. If you walk a little further, you will encounter the corridor that enclosed the castles on every side. The main castles will be in the middle. There are two little castles situated in front of the main castle and they are where the bible and religious books kept. The main castle is facing the east as the belief of Khmer. Khmer believe that east is the direction of light and holy things. While, west is the direction of death. Also, the castle reveals the belief in outer space of Hindi. This is because the main castle is situated in the middle of the pond and if you walked pass the arch and the corridor, it means that you have reached the middle of the space as the main castle can be compared to Phra Sumeru Mountain that was enclosed with the holy pillars. Inside the main castles, there is a Hindu phallic Symbol of Creative Power. This indicates that this castle is the center of the beautiful religious, Hindi. 

How to get here?

Take a highway number 348 to Ta Phraya District and pass  Koak Soong District Office for 3.5 kilometers and you will spot the Nhong Waeng municipality office on your left. Keep going a little further and you will spot the intersection with the traffic sign that will lead you to Prasat Sadok Kok Thom. Turn right to the countryside highway ‘Sor Kor 3018’ and pass by Baan Sook Sumran for 7 kilometers. Keep going straight for another 2 kilometers if you reach at Baan Nhong Samet junction and turn right for 2.5 kilometers and you will finally reach at the destination.


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