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Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves

Trapraya National Park is the national park number 82 in Thailand. It is located in Tuprad sub-district, Tapraya district, Srakaew. It covers areas 371,250 rai which is in 2 cities that are Srakaew and Buriram. The landscape of this place is a plain surrounding by mountains. One of the important mountains in this park is Buntad Mountain which is in the east. There are a lot of forests here such as mixed deciduous forest, dry evergreen forest and dry dipterocarp forest. This makes this place be an inhabitant for various wild animals and the origin of many streams which are Sadon stream, Nangrong stream, Subkradon stream, Trumamiang stream etc.

The main feature of this park is nature trek. There are several treks for tourists. The recommended one is “Tapraya National Park Security Guard 4 (Klangdong)” because not only you will be able to study plants and wild animals, you can also go to the view point on Panomdongrak mountain where you can enjoy beautiful scenario.

Another thing that you can often see in this park is “Lalu” which is a natural sculpture. It is made from the erosion of Terracotta. The nature of this is quite similar to Phae Mueang Phi in Phrae province.\Apart from what is mentioned above, there are other interesting places in the park which are natural attraction and historical attractions. For the natural attraction, there is a Siam Tulip field where you can enjoy Siam Tulip flower. For historical attractions, there are Shong O Bok (This is a viewpoint where you can see the edge of Thailand), Lan Hin Tad (You can see the trace of cut stones that were used to build the palace.), Kao Loan Palace, Thong Palace, Bye Bak Palace etc.

About the direction, you can use highway number 33 from Meuang Srakaew to Tapraya district. When you reach Banmaithaitaworn, turn left to highway number 348 (Tapraya-Buriram) for 5 km. Then, you will see your destination.

Office hours : Everyday from 8 am to 4.30 pm.

Entrance Fee : Thai adult 20 THB, Thai children 10 THB, Foreign adult 100 THB, Foreign children 50 THB.

For more information, please contact 037247932, 0811788119.

Website : http://dnp.go.th/parkreserve/asp/style1/default.asp?

Website: http://www.easternstargolfcourse.com