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  Wat Phra Non Chakkrasi Worawihan
Catagorize: Temple
It is a royal temple in the third class, located in Chakkrasi Sub-district. It is believed that this temple was built before the Ayutthaya kingdom. Inside the image hall houses a large reclining Buddha image. There is a story about the attitude of it. That is, the Buddha wanted to give a sermon to the giant Asurintarahu in order to reduce the giant’s pride in having bigger body than human beings; therefore, he made his body larger than the giant. This spectacular Sukhothai-style Buddha image is 47.42 meters long (1 Sen, 3 Wa, 2 cubits, 1 palm span, and 7 inches). Its face turns to the north; whereas, its head points to the east. It was built in the order of Thao Authong. The legend has it that, in the past, there was a lion—Singh— living in the cave in this temple’s image hall. He fell in love with the daughter of a wealthy man and they had a son together. Their son was a human named Singhapahu. When Singhapahu found out that his father was a lion, he got embarrassed and planned to kill his father. After his father’s death, he repented his crime and brought a large gold to be built the core of the reclining Buddha image, Phra Non Chakkrasi. He also had Wat Sa Bap and Wat Prachotikaram constructed in order to redeem his sin and to succeed Buddhism. After that, Phra Chao Authong came across this Buddha image when it became dilapidated, so he had it restored. However, this Buddha image has been restored for many times until today.

Phra Non Chakkrasi is a respectable Buddha image in Sing Buri Province and is marked the largest reclining Buddha image in Thailand (when counted in volume). In October 9, 1976, King Bhumibol, along with his royal family, went to pay homage to this Buddha image. This means that Phra Non Chakkrasi is a miraculous and priceless sacred object and a mental sanctuary that also has a historical value.

Besides, there are also Phra Kan, a gilded and lacquered stone Buddha image, and Phra Kaeo, a sacred cast Buddha image sitting cross-legs with legs locked together, with beautiful features. The two Buddha images were built during the reign of King Rama V to be the principal image at a ceremony for civil servants to swear an oath of allegiance to the king. In front of the image hall, there are large cannon-ball trees which are very important in Buddhism.

Direction: The temple is approximately 4 kilometers by car from Mueang District along the highway number 3032, Sing Buri- Suphan Buri route. If the visitors want to use public bus, there are bus number 648—Sing Buri- Ban Don Pru, bus number 412—Suphan Buri- Kok Samrong, and minibus that pass the temple. The visitors can get on the bus at the bus station in Mueang District of Sing Buri.
For more information, contact 0 3652 0251 and 0 3654 3415.