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  Sukhothai Historical Park or Old Sukhothai City
Catagorize: Educational museums, Archaeological, Historical Sites & Monuments

A visit to Sukhothai wouldn’t complete without a visit to the historical site of the ancient Sukhothai City, to discover the history of the former capital city of Siam. The 70-square-meter park houses remaining structures of what used to be palaces, temples and homes. If you don’t have the whole day to explore the area, don’t miss to gaze the beauty of main attractions such as WatMahathat and Wat Si Chum and imagine to its glory days. 

Opening hours:Daily 6am-9pm

Admission: 150 baht

Getting there:

·        By Bus: From Sukhothai’s municipality, take the local mini-bus or Song Thaeo(leaves every 20 min) near the police booth in Mueang Kao area.


·  By Other: Get on the Charotwithithong Road and then the Sukhothai-Tak Route (Highway No. 12). 

Website: http://home.generalprempark.com