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  Banhan-Jamsai Tower
Catagorize: Parks & Gardens, Landmarks and Memorials
Banhan Jamsai Tower is located in the area of Chalerm Bhatara Rajini Park. It is the first view point tower and the highest tower in Thailand. It can be seen outstanding in the middle of the city with 123.25 meters high and 30 meters base wide. On the way to the top of the tower, there are 4 floors. The first floor is the entrance with the ticket counter and the souvenir shop. The second floor is the food and snack center and view point overlooking the park. The third floor is the other souvenir shop and the city view point. The fourth floor is at 78.75 meters high. It is the view point with binoculars of Suphanburi province in a panorama view. The wall of the room depicts oil paintings about the story of King Naraesuan the Great. Banhan Jamsai Tower opens every day except Mondays according to this schedule: 10.00-19.00 on Tuesdays until Fridays and 10.00-20.30 on weekends and holidays. Before 18.00, the admission fee is 30 baht for adults and 15 baht for children. After 18.00, the fee changes to 40 baht for adults and 20 baht for children. For further information, please contact 0 3551 1987, 0 3551 1021 or fax number 0 3552 2973

Travelling to Banhan Jamsai Tower, you can start from Wat Pa Lelai (Pa Lelai temple). After getting out from Wat Pa Lelai, turn right into the direction to the city. Go straight about 3.3 kilometers and you will see the traffic light. After that, drive straight ahead for approximately 300 meters. Turn right at the clock tower then go straight again about 1.2 kilometers. Turn right and cross the bridge. About 600 meters you will arrive at Chalerm Bhatara Rajini Park which is on the left. You can park inside the park. The parking fee is 10 baht per each car. Before parking in the park, you need to pay the admission fee for the park and the tower first. Then walk to Banhan Jamsai Tower. The total distance from Wat Pa Lelai to the crossroad to Chainat province on the left is 3.3 kilometers. The total dist