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  Pu Toei National Park
Catagorize: Mountain (Doi), National Parks & Marine Reserves, Dam,Reservoir, Lake
Pu Toei National Park is located in national forest reserve which is Wongphra Forest, Kaopuragum Forest and Kaohuayplu Forest in Dan Chang District, Suphanbury where Pu Toei and Pu Krating were situated. Pu Toei National Park has a lot of mountains, wild animals, waterfalls, caves and pine forests. With all of this, Pu Toei is a perfect place for relax and should be conserved. Hence, Royal Forest Department announced that this place will be a national park number 84 and be called “Pu Toei National Park” Pu Toei National Park office is in Banhuaymourpae ,Wangyao Sub-district, Danchang District, Suphanbury.It is near Suphanbury Species Animal Research Station and Suphanbury Forest Fire Coordination Station. It is far from Danchang District about 80 km. The north side of this national park is near Huay Kah Kaeng Wildlife Sanctuary (World Heritage) which is in Banrai District in Uthaithani. The South area is near Namkaew Stream and Lumdapoen Reservoir which are in Danchang District in Suphanbury. The East part is near Plasubgung Stream, Shalom Stream and Kamin Stream which is also in Danchang District in Suphanbury. The West area is near Srinakarin Dam National Park which is in Srisawat District in Kanjanabury.

About the landscape of Pu Toei, there are several mountains. The peak is the top of Taewada which is 1,123 metre. This national park is also an origin of many streams such as Tapoen, Yai, Wongphra, Kanun, Shalom and Kamin. These are main streams for Suphanbury and Kanjanabury citizen. Moreover, the water in Pu Toei also flows to Krasaew Dam and Lumdapoen Reservoir. About the climate, there are monsoons in 3 seasons which are rainy season, winter and summer.

In addition, about plants and wild animals, there are a lot of forests in Pu Toei such as Dry Evergreen Forest, Mixed Deciduous Forest, Dry Dipterocarp Forest and Pine Forest. Depending on conditions to spread, each type of forest grows in different areas in Pu Toei with the average density is about 80% of areas. The main plants are Dracontomelon dao, Dipterocarpus alatus, Strophantus caudatus, Pterocarpus indicus, Dalbergia oliveri Gamble andPinus merkusii Jungh. & de Vriese. About the wild animals in this national park, there are wild bear, barking deer, monkey, civet, palm civet, tiger, leopard, red junglefowl, emerald dove, white-rumped shama, greater racket-tailed drongo, crested serpent eagle, hornbill etc.

The interesting places in the national park consist of Banhuaydindum, Tapoenkeeyai Waterfall, Kariengtapoenkee Village, Tapoenkeenoi Waterfall, Tewada peak, Tapoenkoen Cave, Tapoentong Cave, Pukrating Waterfall, Laoda Shrine and Giant Pinwheel Flower.

If you want more information, please contact Pu Toei National Park, Danchang District, Suphanbury, 72180. Tel. : 035446237, 0819342240. Fax : 035446237.