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Panomsawai National Park or Khao Sawai is located in the area of 2 districts which are Tambol Na Bua and Tambol Sawai. It is located in the area of the Conserved Forest Khao Sawai at Tambol Na Bua, Amphur Muang Surin, Surin province. “Panomsawai” is a local language; “Panom” means mountain and “Sawai” means mango. In the Panomsawai National Park, there are 3 mountains which are “Panom Krol” means “Kao Kok” in the national language. It is around 150 meters high. “Panom Prao” means “Kao Chai” in the national language. It is around 220 meters high. “Panom Srai” means “Kao Ying” in the national language. It is around 210 meters high. All three mountains are called Panom Sawai together. Panom Sawai is an extinct volcano with many rocks in the area. There are also many wild orchids in this area therefore, the officer put the wild orchids into many places such as the parking lot, the road and the trees. Panomsawai is a royal park and also a suitable place for the Buddhism. It is an emerging mountain on the lowland of the Surin province. It is around 50 kilometers away from Panomdongrak Mountain, 50 kilometers from Panomroong mountain and 22 kilometers from the Surin City Hall.

Since the area of this national park mostly consists of sparse forest with shallow soil surface, therefore there are lots of pine dipterocarp forest with small woods except for the valley between Khao Chai, Khao Ying and Khao Kok which consists of big trees. Moreover, during February to April of each year the Rothmania witti blossoms all around the forest.

Most of the wild animals found here are such as squirrel, lizard and different kinds of rare birds and other rare animals.


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