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  Tarnthong Waterfall
Catagorize: Waterfalls
Contact: Moo 1, Tambol Patang Tel. -

Tarnthong Waterfall is located in the area of Patang, Moo 1, Tambol Patang. It is a flowing river along the rock with a swamp to swim. Then it is arranged by stages into small waterfalls for around 30 meters and finally flows into Mekong River. The most suitable time to come here is during June to October. This waterfall is surrounded by beautiful arboretum.

Tarnthong Waterfall is not far from the main road. Therefore, it is popular among the tourists especially during the holidays. There are restaurants and stores to serve the number of tourists on the road before going down to the waterfall. It is prohibited to bring food to the waterfall area.

The arboretum at Tarnthong Waterfall is a foothill slope with Sai Ngua crook flowing to Tarnthong Waterfall then into Mekong River. There is lots of water during June to November depending on the monsoon of each year. The forest is mostly dry evergreen forest and mixed forest. Some of the areas were farmed and consist of small trees such as Barking Deer’s Mango, Cananga and had bamboos instead of the old ones.


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