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  Wat Chaiya Tikaram
Catagorize: Temple
Contact: Ban Phon Mueang, Phana District, Amnat Charoen Province Tel. -

Wat Chaiya Tikaram is located in Ban Phon Mueang, Phana District, Amnat Charoen Province. It is the villagers’ ancient temple. There are 4 valuable bronze Buddha images housed inside the temple. It is said that the villagers in the ancient Ban Phon Mueang had acquired 5 Buddha images when they were forced to join the battle that conquered Vientiane in the reign of Chaophraya Maha Kasatsuek.

It was told that a senior government official once asked for the invitation of a bronze walking Buddha image. He claimed that he wanted this Buddha image for the villagers to sprinkling water onto it. However, he never returned it. As a result, there were only 4 Buddha images left as seen today.

One of these Buddha images is a bronze walking Buddha image from Wat Chaiya Tikaram and 3 of them are Buddha images in the attitude of subduing Mara sitting cross-legs with top of another. These are the works of the craftsmen in the school of Lan Chang and are no less than 300 years old.

At present, the temple keeps them and only brings them out for people to worship when there is a celebration in March.