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  The Emerald Buddha’s image model (Wat Khiriwan temple)
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Wat Khiriwan temple is located at Tombon Srinava, Amphur Muang, Nakorn Nayok Province. 

In the past, this temple was in the middle of the field until it was moved to Khao Kra Rieang. 

The former name of Wat Khiriwan is “Wat Sawang Arom”, but since it was moved to the new hill, 

it was named Wat Khiriwan as a blessing. The interesting point of this temple is the Emerald Buddha’s image model (Wat Khiriwan) which is enshrined in the vihara located on the hilltop. Apart from being known as the biggest emerald Buddha’s, the model is also the greatest Buddha’s image made of glass. 

It was greatly respected by people. The temple’s abbot is Phra Kru Khiriwananukul Opaso 

(Luang Por Ree). Most people may be familiar with the emerald Buddha’s image (Phra Buddha Maha Manee Ratana Pathimakorn) at Wat Phra Kaew temple or Wat Pra Sri Ratana Sassadaram temple 

in Bangkok. However, in Nakorn Nayok, there is another emerald Buddha’s image too. 

This emerald Buddha’s image model is made of raisin with 49 inches long (measure of the Buddha statue in the meditation pose), 32.9 inches tall and of 1 ton weight. There are full option of 3 seasonal garments decorated with the real 7 karat diamond, over 2,000 gemstones and a lot of rubies. 

For those who would like to visit Wat Khiriwan, when you drive from Nakorn Nayok Highway, drive to Wan Yao intersection, turn left to Tombon Hin Tuaeng, drive along Highway Number 3239 

until you are about 9 kilometer far from the city then you will reach Wat Khiriwan. 

If you are interested in religious and cultural tourism, apart from Wat Khiriwan, there are other temples around for visiting or worshipping the sacred items for example Wat Tha Sung, Wat Nhong Poh, Wat Srinava, Wat Sopa Prachasawan, Wat Nhongjik, Wat Khokruad and Wat Sabok kiew. 

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