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  Wat Maturostiyaram
Catagorize: Temple
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Wat Maturostiyaram was previously named Wat Kuti. It is situated nearby Prakhamthong River which is actually an old Chaophraya River. It has been assumed that this temple was built during the late Ayuttaya period. There are still some ancient remains left to see such as a glass wall, a pagoda, and a sanctuary. These remains are situated properly yet gorgeous and they can be counted as the identity of the late Ayuttaya architecture. The pagoda was shaped in curve with the size of 4 meters wide, 8 meters long and the rooftop was made of clay tiles with the height of 6 meters.

The pediments in the front and back of the sanctuary are very dignified. They are similar to the one at Wat Salapoon, Ayuttaya, which was made of craved wood with the god holding lotus flowers pattern. However, the front pediment got a little blemish, while, the back pediment is still in a perfect condition. There are couples of seam stones enclosed the sanctuary which are the symbol of the royal temple. They were made of red sandstone and were presumably the art design from the reign of King Narai.  

How to get here?

Wat Maturostiyaram situated on the tip of Asia road. Keep going straight through Asia road and pass by Asia intersection for 300 kilometers. Then, turn right when you spot the gas station and keep going for 30 meters and you will reach at the destination. 


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