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  Ban Khwao Silk Weaving Village
Catagorize: Village, Community
Contact: Ban Khwao Sub-district, Non Daeng Sub-district, Talat Raeng, and Lum Lam Chi Sub-district Tel. -

Ban Khwao Silk Weaving Village, a community in Ban Khwao Sub-district, Non Daeng Sub-district, Talat Raeng, and Lum Lam Chi Sub-district, is where mulberries are grown and silk worms are bred. It is also a largest place that can produce the finest silks in Thailand. It has been inherited from the ancestors and became a local wisdom in the project "One Tambon One Product (OTOP)" in 2002. Ban Khwao silk is considered as a five-star product of Chaiyaphum Province. In the OTOP product competition held by the Ministry of Interior's Community Development Department, Ban Khwao silk got the first prize in Thailand.

                    Entering into the village, the tourists will experience the lifestyle of Ban Khwao people. Some are pulling silk thread. Some are breaching it. Some are binding it. And some are weaving it. At present, the tourists will find young teenagers joining silk weaving society. They either paint the silk or iron it. These can be rare lifestyles in other places. Besides, there are over 40 silk shops throughout Ban Khwao Market. The tourists can buy silks or ready-made clothes or other silk products as they wish. The cost varies from 120 baht to 10,000 baht per piece.

                    Mudmee silk in Bang Khwao District, especially in Ban Khwao Sub-district, can be dated back to more than 200 years ago, since the reign of Chao Pho Phraya Lae. It has been a famous community for weaving silk for a long time among those who love silks. It was rumored among the group of silk collectors that these unique products had been inherited since the past, resulting in the establishment of Ban Khwao community. At first, the weaving was done among household; however, it had a role in some ceremonies later; for example, in the marriage ceremony, the silks would be made into a costume for bridegroom and bride and into an offering for the bridegroom's relatives.


                    The identity of the silk pattern reflects the community's living and lifestyle which connect to the community's environment. These result in the imagination for designing various silk patterns, which have been inherited to the present. The products and the community's wisdom are connected. There are also the demonstration of silk production and activities for the tourists to participate in the production, such as silk weaving, silk painting, gold dropping, etc.


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