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Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves
Contact: ?????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? ?????????????????????????????????????? 22160 Tel. 08 7953 3316

Khaosibhachun Naional Park (15 floors National Park or Nampen falls) is located at Khunsong sub-district. It has 120 square kilometers of area. The area in this place is a network of hills and canyons from north to south, paralleling in the east with Khaosoidaw wildlife reserve. The highest peak of this area is the 15-floor peak which is 802 meters high from average sea level. The forest here consists of a dry evergreen forest and a deciduous forest. Here, there are many interesting natural attractions, for example the Saba falls, the Ekek falls, Nampen falls, and the apex of the waterfall here the 15-floor falls, which has water every year.

This park has a trekking route for visitors who are interested in camping. On the path visitors will pass streams of crisp water, cliffs, and waterfalls. Visitors can set up camp at the 6th and the 13th floor which the 13th floor is the highest place for visitors to set up camp, about 35 meters high. The forest here is very lush and abundant with wild lives, for instance gibbons, elephants, buffaloes, and red bulls.

The 15-floor falls or Klongsai falls is a middle sized waterfall with water every year. It is about 35 kilometers far from Kaeng Hangmaew district, and is near the jurisdiction of Srakaew province. It is recommended that visitors should travel here during summer. Apart from the normal trekking route, there is also another path for studying nature closely from the park office to the falls about 4.8 kilometers long.

Nampen falls is also a middle sized waterfall in the middle of the mountains. This waterfall has 10 floors and also has water every year. The park also provides other camping sites for visitors which visitors have to bring their own tents. The first site is Klong Maduer. The second is around Ekek falls. For more information please contact Khaosibhachun Naional Park office. The numbers are 08 7953 3316 or contact Department of National Parks, Wildlife, and Plant Conservation, call 02 562 0760 and the website at www.dnp.go.th.

To reach this place, simply take a bus from Bangkok to Na Yay Arm district. Then take a local pickup truck service to the Park, the price should be at 40 Baht each. Or visitors can hire the whole truck to get to this place, the price is negotiable


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