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  Traditional Cotton Woven Village
Catagorize: Village, Community
Contact: Tambon Tha Pha, Amphoe Mae Cham, Chiang Mai Tel. -

Traditional Cotton Woven Village is located 3 kilometers from Mae Chaem District in Tambon Tha Pha where about 150 households produce the distinctive cotton. Every house owns a weaving machine or loom on their basement. Nowadays, this local product is in a high demand for its beauty, unique design and friendly price suitable for souvenirs.

Mae Chaem District is one of the community that produces “Teen Chok” or the unique weaving style fabric most. Mae Chaem's fabric has the characteristic of “Kwam Lai” weaving technique which gives a beautiful and uniquely delicate pattern. The cotton is also considered as Lanna's local handicraft which has been passed through generations as their cultural heritage. Weaving the cotton is apparently their way of life. Girls in Mae Chaem learn how to weave since their young age and even they get old, weaving is still a part of their life. It is obvious when there are important religious ceremonies, the villagers would where the fabrics they wove. The cotton is a precious gift a daughter-in-law uses to pay respect to her mother-in-law when she gets married. Furthermore, the cotton is also related to life of women in Mae Chaem' from cradle to grave.

In present, we can still see women in Mae Chaem wearing the cotton in many religious ceremonies. It is said that Mae Chaem women have to weave at least one fabric to show their identity which represents their way of life and that is how they preserve their folk wisdom. Mae Chaem's Teen Chok cotton is now affirmed and registered by the Department of Intellectual Property to be a geographical indication which confirms that a certain product from a specific geographical location possesses certain qualities.

Mae Chaem's unique cotton weaving style are still being inherited nowadays. We can find Teen Chok fabric weaving in many villages. Some of the fabrics in Mae Chaem are more than 100 years old which most of them were usually woven with silk. There are some left to be seen and studied in Tambon Thapa and Tambon Chang Kerng where there is the cotton weaving.

The local cotton weaving of each community and each tribe still continuously goes on. Even though the weaving has to be related to marketing conditions, economic responses or incomes, what the villagers really desire to do is preserving their precious heritage, Mae Chaem's local weaving style, through time.

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