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  Mae Chon Luang Agricultural Experimental Station
Catagorize: Royal Project, Research and Development
Contact: Amphoe Mae Chaem, Chiang Mai Tel. 0 5343 2207

Nestled in the beautiful valley of Amphoe Mae Chaem, this agricultural station of the Royal Projects is set under the idea of agro-tourism site visitors can enjoy scenic valleys and plantations as well as experience the experimental process for agricultural produces. Mae Chun Luang station focuses on doing researches and studies about fruits for high-terrain landscape and cool weather. If you visit the station in winter time, let’s say December to February, you will get a chance to witness the blossom of pink-colored cherry blossom flowers as well as other floral plants in various palettes. Tea lovers shouldn’t miss to visit the tea plantations, where various kinds of tea are grown, as well as sample the tender aromas and tastes of them. Yam Bai Cha, or spicy tea-leaf salad, is a specialty available you should also try. A wide range of accommodation options are available for either 50-member group or a sweet couple. 

Website: http://www.fio.co.th/travel/watchan/maechaem.htm