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  Pha Daeng National Park
Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves
Contact: Tel. 0 5381 8348, 08 1883 7371

Pha Daeng National Park has the area of 1,155 square kilometers covering the areas of Chiang Dao, Vieng Hang and Chai Prakarn district. Most of the landscapes are rugged mountains with outstanding geology. Pha Daeng National Park is the important river resource of the Ping and Taeng Rivers with abundant wildlife. The national park is composed of evergreen forest, dry evergreen forest, hill evergreen forest, pine forest and deciduous forest such as Benjapan forest and dry dipterocarp forest.
Since the park is in the same area with the Chiang Dao Wildlife Reserve area, the park is then full of important wildlife such as gorals, barking deer, Bantengs and Gaurs. It is also the habitat of butterflies, insects, local birds and migratory birds such as the Ashy Drongo, the blue-throated barbet, the scarlet minivet, the black-crested bulbul. This is why the park is one of the perfect places in the northern part for birds watching.
Another highlight in the national park is the river resource of the Ping River. To see this place, you can walk from national park office into the forest for about 2 hours; you will find the small river stream from the top of the mountain. The villagers believe it is the sacred river resource, so a ceremony and community’s ordination will then be held before the harvesting season in each year.
Srisangwan Waterfall is one of the most beautiful limestone waterfalls with height of 20 meters flowing down the slope. Its ambiance is good for relaxing. Also, there is Huai Hok Waterfall; the one-tiered fall with the height of 20 meters situated deep in the middle of the forest. It is 8 hours’ walk from the national park office.
Another spot is the natural Pang Tong Hot spring with the temperature of 70-80 degree Celsius. The national park has restored the river area into the natural hot spring under the pleasant tree shades for the tourists’ recreation.
Other highlights include Pha Chan Cave, Doi Klang Muang Cave, Toong Kaew Waterfall, Huai Hok Waterfall, Ob Ping, Pha Chan Cave and Huai Jakarn Cave. Pha Daeng National Park is then a perfect touristic place suitable for tourists who seek relaxation, adventurous travellers or even those who want to study the nature closely.
Entrance fees: 20 baht for adult, 10 baht for children, 100 baht for adult foreign visitors, 50 baht for children
The park also offers 2 accommodations. Contact information: sub-district Muang Na, Chiang Dao district in Chiangmai 50180 Tel. 05-381- 8348 or 01-883—7371 or contact Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation Tel. 02-562-0760 or book at http://www.dnp.go.th
To visit, from Chiangmai, take the highway 107 (Chiangmai-Fang) until 79 kilometers milestone. Then turn left and take the highway 1178 about 24 km. When you reach Nawai Village, turn left for 150 meters, you will find Chiang Dao National Park office. 

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th