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  Doi Pha Mon Agricultural Center
Catagorize: Educational gardens
Contact: Tel. +665 391 8555

Doi Pha Mon Agricultural Center
    In the past, the hill tribe people lived scatteredly, farmed shifting cultivation, cultivated opium and exported narcotic cross the frontier. However, after Somdet Phra Srinagarindra Boromarajajonani’s intimate concern, there were several projects to develop the environment, the hill tribe people’s life, and the areas in Chiang Rai. A lot of new honest and ethical professions such as handicraft, tea plantation, and cold-weather plant cultivation, were promoted. In addition, many more tourist attractions were constructed in order to distribute incomes to the locals and to make Chiang Rai well-known. As a result, a number of tourists frequently visited Chiang Rai, especially in winter. Doi Pha Mon Agricultural Center in Thoeng district is one of the projects that can create jobs for the hill tribe people. There are many more agricultural center in Chiang Rai so this place is not the only one.
    Doi Pha Mon Agricultural Center is very near the breath-taking Doi Phu Chi Fa. The tourists should not miss Doi Pha Mon Agricultural Center since the atmosphere is cool and pleasant with various types of plants. The highlight is the variety of colorful blossoming cold-weather flowers such as tulip, lily, red salvia, and red poinsettia. The tourists can admire the beauty and take some photos closely. There are also viewpoints and pathways so that the tourists can enjoy the neatly trimmed plants around the area. Besides, Doi Pha Mon Agricultural Center provides some accommodation. There are 3 types of houses; Ban Sai Tan for 10 people with 3 extra beds, Ban Khun Khao for 15 people with 5 extra beds, and Ban Maek Mai for 15 people with 4 extra beds. There are also tents for rent. The price is 180 baht per night for 1-2 people and 170 baht per night for 3-4 people, while those who bring their own tents have to pay only 70 baht per night.
    Direction: from the town of Chiang Rai, take highway no. 1020 to Toeng district. Then take highway no. 1155.  Doi Pha Mon Agricultural Center is on roadside before Phu Chi Fa. Public buses are available from transport station, passing Ban Pang Ka and Phu Chi Fa. The fare is 49 baht. The tourists can also hire the van to Doi Pha Mon Agricultural Center.
    For more information, contact Tubtao Sub-district Administrative Organization tel. 08 1724 0052.

Website: http://www.dnp.go.th