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  Ban Lung Plueang Chairatsami
Catagorize: Art Galleries
Contact: - Tel. +66 4381 1620

Lung Plueang Chairatsami or Khru Plueang is an Isan folk musical prodigy whose talent is an ability to play and teach almost every kind of Northeastern folk musical instruments, including lute (phin), reed mouth-organ (can), log xylophone (pong lang) and etc. He is considered an expert particularly in “pong lang” because he has spent the total duration of 40 years studying, modifying and improving the indigenous musical instrument. It was developed from “kroa lo” or a tube of bamboo typically used to scare birds or crows in paddy fields, until it was eventually transformed into “pong lang” a musical instrument with a clear and sweet sound. Pong lang gives a sense of authentic Isan, so it gained popularity and is regarded as Isan’s iconic musical instrument equivalent to “reed mouth-organ”. Khru Plueang was declared a national artist in the field of performing art (folk music) in 1986.

Ban Lung Plueang Chairatsami is located on Kaset Sombun Road, Kalasin subdistrict, Mueang district, Kalasin province. It is the place where Khru Plueang, a Kalasin’s notable figure and the inventor of pong lang, built a humble shack to provide musical classes and to shelte his non-local students. At Ban Lung Plueang Chairatsami, there is an exhibition on the manufacturing process of Isan traditional musical instruments. Some are widely known, e.g. lute, reed mouth-organ, bamboo fiddle, log xylophone and etc, while others are rare, e.g. makkalong which is made from a string of cowbell. These are perfect epitomes of Khru Plueang’s wisdom and versatile musical talents. Not only is he an exceptional musician, but also a professional musical instrument inventor.

Opening hours: every day from 8.30 am – 16.30 pm

Admission fee: N/A

Contact: tel. 0 4381 1620


Website: http://www.kalasin.go.th