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  Wat Klang
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Wat Klang is a third-class royal temple. Within the temple’s compound, there is an Ubosot (chapel), which was once an extension from the old building. The Thai-style Ubosot is decorated with Chofa (gable finials) and Bai Raka (crockets). The wooden doors are ornately carved to depict the story of the Lord Buddha and the Buddhist theme is continued on at the windows.

There are stucco door statues – “guardians” - in the front and at the rear. The Ubosot houses murals depicting the story of one of the Buddha’s past lives as a prince. Inside the pavilion or Sala near the Ubosot is a beautiful, black Buddha image made from bronze with a lap 20 inches wide. The pedestal of the image bears an inscription in ancient Thai stating that the image was built during the period of King Khu Na Kham. Phraya Chaisunthon designated it province’s main Buddha statue, and it grew to be highly revered by locals. During droughts, locals display the image in processions to beg for rain. This temple is located near Phraya Chaisunthon Monument.

Besides the black Buddha image, in the temple is the simulated Buddha’s footprint made from bronze. It is assumed to be built during the reign of Lawa. Formerly, it was enshrined by the Lampao canal, but the bank of the canal was gradually eroded each year, therefore, the local people moved it to the temple.

However, the history of the builder or the first abbot is still unknown. 

Wat Klang is suitable for dhamma practice as the temple is clean and tranquil. The buildings are also beautiful and well-designed. 

Wat Klang is located on 47, Kalasin road, Kalasin sub-district, Amphoe Mueang district, Kalasin province.


Website: http://www.kalasin.go.th