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  Ban Phon Phrae Wa Silk Weaving Group
Catagorize: Village, Community
Contact: - Tel. +66 4381 1620

Phrae Wa silk, or the so-called “the queen of silk”, is hand-woven indigenous textilewith bright colors and beautiful patterns, which are unique to the northeastern Phu Thai ethnic group.   This kind of textile isentirely made from silk. Generally, Phrae Wa silk is worn by Phu Thai women as a shawl over one shoulder or as a turban in religious ceremonies, auspicious occasions or cultural events.

The minority group of Phu Thai migrated from Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture and crossed over Mae Khong River before settling down around the Phu Phan mountain ranges. They also managed topreserveand develop the local wisdom in silk weaving techniques, namely Khit and Chok to create patterns. It can be stated that Phrae Wa silk is an invaluable heritage and greatly concerns the lifestyle of Phu Thai people, especially those living in Ban Phon Village, Kham Muang district, Kalasin province. There was an establishment of “Ban Phon Phrae Wa Silk Weaving Group” to maintain their ancestors’ wisdom.

Ban Phon Phrae Wa Silk Weaving Group is located at Ban Phon Village, Moo 1, Phon subdistrict, Kham Muang district, Kalasin province. Currently, the group has set up “Ban Phon Phrae Wa Silk WeavingCooperative”. The primary aim is to gather all Phrae Wa silk products from members in 4 districts, namely Kham Muang, Somdej, Sahatsakhan, and Sam Chai, to officially distribute at the Royal Folk Arts And Crafts Center.

To get to the Cooperative from Kalasin downtown, drive along Highway 227 for the distance of 70 kilometers. When arriving at the destination, the first thing visitors can notice is people in Phu Thai traditional dress with an exquisite Phrae Wa silk shawl. The cooperative allows visitors to observe the silkweaving demonstration and get to learn more about how each pattern is created. If you are impressed and would like to purchase some silk products, they are available in more than 70 different patterns.


Opening hours: every day from 8.30 am – 17.30 pm

Admission fee: free of charge


Contact: tel. 0 4385 6312

Website: http://www.kalasin.go.th