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  Wat Mahawan
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WatMahawan is located at Chamthevi road Muaeng district, Lamphun province. Perched aside a road running parallel to the old city walls on the west side of town is WatMahawan. The several centuries-old temple was constructed in 657 during the time of the founding queen of Haripunchai, Queen Chamthewi. After the hermit WaSuthep had created Haripunchai, the queen ruled as the first queen of Haripunchai territory. In the time she also brought two important Buddha images from Lawo (Lopburi) i.e. PhraKaewKhao and PhraSila Dum. Hence,she decided to build WatMahawan for monks’ living place.  Enshrined inside is a beautiful statue given to the temple by the queen - PhraSila Dum or the statue of a NakProk, decorated with mythical serpents overhead. But PhraKaewKhao was brought to enshrine at Wat Chiang Man at Chiang Mai province by the King Mengrai of Lanna territory.

The highlight of the temple is PhraSila Dum or Phra Rod Luang, which was enshrined in the Vihan. In the past, a hermit used it as the model for creating votive tablets. The local population found its marvel after they had worshiped this votive tablet so it’s very famous among amulet collectors. The meditating Buddha image was craved from black stone. Now it serves as respectable Buddha image of Lamphun province. Moreover, the ladder with the Naga decoration is also famous and aesthetic among other architectures.

It opens daily from 8.00 to 16.30. For more information, please contact +66 535 352 42


Website: http://www.hariphunchaitemple.org