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  PrakongRuesi Temple
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PrakongRuesi Temple or Anantharam Temple is located in NaiMueang sub-district, Mueang district, Lamphun province. It is an ancient temple of restpectable Hariphunchai cityand continued to be until the area became Lamphun province that has been established in the year 680 by Queen Camadevithe ruler of Hariphunchai. The reason of establishment was to give to the monksfrom Lanka for dwell and practice in. In present day, the temple’s age is over 1,300 years.


What catches the tourists’ attention to pay their visit to this temple is the huge golden pagoda that is surrounded by hermitwhose look is very powerful. The legend has been told that Wasuthep hermit, one of the four hermitswho established Hariphunchai city, he used staffto slitthe floor to write the city plan on the area of where the pagoda is located now. Queen Camadevithen ordered that the pagoda shall be placed at this location and ordered carving artist to carve lateriteto be the similar picture of the four hermits. And each of the four-door facades of the pagoda is placed with one of the hermit’s laterite. On the north, is the picture of Wasuthep hermit, the south is the picture of SukkaThanta hermit, the east is the picture of Phra Phrom hermit, and the west is the picture of PhraSamanaNakara hermit.


Other than the legend of the hermits, this temple is also known to be the originator of the popular Buddha image“Phra Kong”. It is said that whoever has this Buddha image will be sturdy and it can protect you from any weapons. The name of “Phra Kong” is well known and respected by the people. Moreover, the temple has installed a large Phra Kong for the people of Lamphun province and tourists to pay respect to. 


For the transportation, you may use the tourist tram that is parked in front of Phra Tad Hariphunchai, which runs two period of time a day. The morning operation is from 9:00 – 12:00 and afternoon operation is from 13:00 – 16:30.


Operation hour is everyday from 8:00 – 16:30.

Entrance Fee: Free of Charge

For further information call 0 5324 8604, 0 5324 8607, 0 5330 2500. 


Website: http://www.hariphunchaitemple.org