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  Carving village in Maeta Distrcit
Catagorize: Village, Community

Carving village in MaetaDistrcit

Maeta District is a small village located near Ta River. Most villagers do work in agriculture. However, the occupation that people do the most is carving wood.

About the history of wood carving in Maeta District, there is no clear evidence of the origin of carving here but it was assumed that wood carving was started in B.E.2348. At that time, King Galiwa ordered Yong people to reconstruct the city. After finishing, people separately inhabit in different plains near the river including the areas which nowadays are Tatungluang Sub-district, Tagad Sub-district and Takumgeun Sub-district. Yong people who immigrated to here have skill in wood carving. When they lived here, they have taught their children about how to carve well from generation to generation. Therefore, people who live in three areas above are very good in carving wood.

In the past, villagers do work called “Primary Work”. They carved the wood into a shape that a customer wants and make it look a bit nicer. Then, they will hand it to customer. After receiving, the customer needs to decorate again. However, nowadays, they improve significantly. First, they use wood that is high quality such as Mango Wood and Jackfruit Wood. Then, they carve and decorate it until it looks nice before selling to customers. If you want to buy some souvenirs, you can buy a variety types of wood-carved products such as decoration stuff, toys, tables, chairs etc. Prices of products here are much cheaper than the prices in other places.

If you want to pay a visit, you can come here by car. Go to highway number 106. Then, go to the highway number 116 for 2 km. You will see Parha crossroad. Then, go to highway number 1033 around 10 km. and you will reach your destination.


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