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“Phu Pha Lom” or what local people called “Guan Pha Lom” is the name of a limestone mountain that has a beautiful scenery and is covered with abundant forest. It is also the water source and the shelter of wildlife, especially mountain goats, one of the reserved wild animals of Thailand remaining in the area. Royal Forestry Department therefore promoted Phu Pha Lom to be then national forest park on 15 May 1996. Its total area is about 8,500 rai.

-The area for camping and toilet are provided.

-Visitors should contact local guides.

The location and travelling: Baan Peah, Nam Suay Sub-District, Muang Loei District

By private car, from Loei City, cross Loei River Bridge and then turn right to the Public Highway No. 2138 and go straight until the 9th kilometer. After that, turn left into the Public Highway No. 2249 and go straight to Baan Peah. The distance is about 18 kilometers. Then turn right nex to Wat Liab Baan Peah into Nai Baan Peab – Huay Tad Route for about 2 kilometers. The entrance sign to Guan Pha Lom Monk Center is on the left side. Turn right and go straight for about 2 kilometers to the park.

By public bus, use Loei – Baan Soob bus route and then taxi motorcycle. The taxi fee is 20 baht.


Phu Pha Lom Nature Trail: Phu Pha Lom is the complicated limestone mountain. There are many sharp mountain peaks which encircle the inner area like the city wall. There is a 700-rai lowland covered with dry forest and mix forest inside. It is a wonderful forest hidden in the hill. The nature trail is about 2 kilometers. You will see the nature of Phu Pha Lom such as caves, overhanging rocks, and cliffs.

The starting point of the trail is behind the park’s office. You will climb the mountain which is about 450 meters tall. You will see many plants in dry forest such as Ensete superbum, Dracaena loureiri Gagnep, Cycas siamensis Miq, cactus, etc. There is a view point on the peak where you can see all forest in the hill encircled with tall cliffs. You can also see Pha Bong, a large stone cave that goes through the high cliff on the opposite side. When you go back to the lowland area, you will sense the mystery of the forest encircled by hills like a maze. The trail will go along the hill and end at Phu Pha Lom Cave, a 1-kilometer-long cave. There are a lot of stone holes and stalagmites. There is a large stone pillar at the center of the cave. 


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th