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  Sub Jumpa Ancient Town
Catagorize: Historical Sites & Monuments

Sub Jumpa Ancient Town is an ancient town in Dvaravati period. It was found in 1937 in Sub Jumpa Sub-District, Tha Luang District, Lopburi Province. It is situated on the dune of central region’s edge and northeast region’s edge. It is a 350 rais of bog forest. This ancient town has become well known and was archaeologically investigated in February 1970. The excavation inside the town was held in 1973.

From the investigation, it is the residence of human in prehistoric period due to archaeological evidences such as human’s bones, stone bracelets, and potteries which are about 3,000-2,500 years old. Moreover, from the discovery of different branches of Buddhist sculptures such as a Buddha statue sitting on the king of the forest, a Buddha statue with the feet hanging over, the Wheel of the Law, and crouching deer statue, it is assumed that here once was the center of Buddhism.

Visitors will feel the atmosphere of history and the freshness of environment. Therefore here is the place for relaxation. Visitors also can ride a bike around the town area. Camping area is provided.

Travelling: from Lopburi, use Lopburi – Kok Samrong Route and then the road no. 206 (Muang Kom – Tha Luang Route). From Tha Luang District, use the Public Highway No. 2256 for about 15 kilometers. Then turn right to Sub Jumpa Town.

Opening hours: everyday from 8.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Admission: free

Contact: 036-461-992

Website: http://www.sub-jumpa.com/


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th