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  Talat Chao (Morning Market)
Catagorize: Local Market
Contact: near Wat Hua Wiang on Sihanatbamrung Road, Amphoe Mueang, Mae Hong Son Tel. -

Talat Chao (Morning Market)

Located near WatHuaWiang, Talat Chao or TalatSaiYut is another popular tourist attraction in Mae Hong Son province. The market starts from the early morning.

In the market, local food and sweets such as Chin Lung, a fried seasoned pork ball, Chut A-hanOop, KhaoSom, Phakkad Cho Chem, NamprikKho, NamprikOng, NamprikNum, fermented soybean, are sold.

In addtition, you can try a famous rice porridge and coffee of this market. The rice porridge, which is a must,  is sold at a restaurant called “ChokSawoei” in the market.  The coffee shop is on the opposite side on the Phanitwattana road. The market is located between Singhanat Rd. and Phanitwattana Rd. (the road to the airport). You can take a taxi motorcycle to the market.

If you plan to visit here, you have to get up very early because the market will close at 9a.m. or you will miss the chance to experience the way of local people’s life. Local people usually wear Thai Yai clothes. Some hill tribe people come here to sell many items such as local fruit.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th