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Catagorize: National Parks & Marine Reserves
Contact: Salaween National Park is in Sob Mei and Mae Sa-riang, Mae Hong Son Province, Amphoe Mae Sariang, Mae Hong Son Tel. -


Salawin National Park


Salawin National Park is located on the border between Thailand and Myanmar covering the area of Mae Yuam forest and Salawin forest of Tambol Sao Hin, Tambol Baan Kad, Tambol Mae Kong, Tambol Mae Yuam in Amphur Mae Sariang and Tambol Mae Sam Lab in Amphur Sob Moey. The area is around 450,950 rai. It was officially declared as a national park on 9th November 1994.


The travelling route: From Amphur Mae Sariang take the 1194 highway for around 4 kilometers and turn right for 4 kilometers then you will arrive at the national park office. Apart from the beautiful scenery inside, there are also rare natural resources such as teakwood, rosewood and also rare wild animals which is a good nature trail of the national park.


The popular activities here are such as cruising along the Salawin River which is the biggest river originated from Tibet and also the border between Thailand and Myanmar. During the dry season the level of the water reduces very low until the sand and rocks underwater are visible. The tourists can take the long-tailed boat from Baan Mae Sam Laeb to cruise along the river during dry season.


The office has accommodation to service the group tourists. The area inside the national park is suitable for camping by tent. The tourists must bring their own tents and equipment. For more information, contact the Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation at 0 2562 0760 www.dnp.go.th or send a reservation letter to Salawin National Park at No.8 Mae Sariang, Amphur Mae Sariang, Maehongsorn 58110 or call 081-366-7356.


Website: http://www.dnp.go.th